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Accelerating the Future of Work

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR) is potentially the most disruptive technology right now. This technology is becoming the connective tissue that binds our business applications together. We live in a world where we are swimming in a hyper-connected sea of data. Now more than ever, organizations are learning how to navigate this hyperconnected sea of data in the best possible way, in order to drive business continuity and growth.

Today almost every physical object can be abstracted, demonetized, democratized, digitized, and put on our phone. Do you remember when an alarm clock was a physical object and not a piece of software? Or when buying a paper calendar was exciting? As information density has increased, multi-tasking increases, new interaction paradigms have to be learned which then increases cognitive load. This means daily Information overload. The abundance of information creates a scarcity of attention. Your attention is the most scarce and valuable resource. It needs to be used wisely. So, in a time when we have abstracted so much of life, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a technology to create a sense of physical presence and full immerse of attention?

Technology is rapidly transforming our workplaces. While Google, Elon Musk, and others work on self-driving cars to get us to our workplaces faster and safer, there is an even faster, safer, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient way. With this technology, we could be at work within seconds. We could have the ultimate office in virtual and augmented reality. Most people spend more than 1 hour on a return trip to work (probably not while the Covid-19 pandemic remains at large). That is over 22 hours a month or about 3 whole workdays wasted on commute. The remote way of working is here to stay and is being expanded to so many industries and professions. Is it possible to get actual work done while in VR and most importantly without succumbing to the temptation of playing some VR games or general distraction?

Imagine productivity increased by not being constrained by a small laptop or desktop monitor. One of Prismic’s products, will take any standard desktop and bring it into a virtual reality. It allows you to drag your windows programs anywhere in 3D space. And interact with them using your keyboard and mouse. VR will enable you to have a huge virtual office even when you are stuck in a small cubicle. This is more convenient for working from home.

You can work remotely and still have great chemistry with all your favorite co-workers. You can ask quick questions without having to wait till your teammate decides to reply to your email. The future of work is here!

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